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What is framily?

While framily may not even be a real word in the dictionary yet, most people will be able to define it. Framily is a portmanteau, or a blending, of the two words friends and family. Framily are friends who become our chosen family. This word has been around since the early 2000’s but the concept is not new. When people are apart from family, they often find themselves building a network of support among their friends at work, school, or in the community. In the past few years people have created covid bubbles for much the same reasons. Whether you are under the same roof, in the same town, or gathering on Thursdays nights for dinner, framily time is good for your heart and soul. 

It is joyous to have people in your life to support you through the seasons of celebrations and struggles. Sometimes that support comes from both family and framily. Our lives become richer when we share it with others. Our burdens are halved and our joys are doubled. I have been blessed over the years to have various groups of framily to share seasons of life with. So many memories flood my thoughts as I write this and look at their pictures on my wall, and I’m thankful for the joy they have brought to my life as they have loved me well.

Recently I recently created Framily art as a gift for friends who temporarily live with us. My desire was that they feel as welcomed and at home in my house as family. I also framed a copy and put it on my picture shelf alongside favorite photos. I want to be reminded often to count my blessings of framily! This art is easy to download and print at home and will bring much joy to your friends when you slip this into their hands and thank them for being your framily. 

Tailoring joy in everyday life means intentionally choosing to focus on the joys in life. Whether you are spending the holidays with family or framily, may you count your blessings and enlarge your circle in the coming year. Happy New Year to you and your framily!

Get your copy of Framily art here. 

Table Talk: Who is your support system? How does framily play into your holiday plans? 

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