End of Summer Fiesta

End of Summer Fiesta
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What's your end of summer tradition?

For many years, we marked the end of summer in late August with an annual Family Fiesta involving friends, food, and fun. It gave us one last excuse to hang out with neighborhood friends and energized our entrance into a new school year. 

If you know me you know I make a tradition of NOT doing things the same way each time which keeps everyone from being disappointed if you make changes but also keeps them in suspense about how you will actually pull things off. My Family Fiestas ran that very same way. Many years involved an assortment of tacos or enchiladas with a side of guacamole and jalapeno poppers (if my neighbor brought them). Activities ranged from piñatas (some more successful than others!), to tie dye t-shirts, to scavenger hunts, to the “never do this again” leather coin purse sewing craft completed by grumbling parents when the kids abandoned the activity. But memories were made, t-shirts were saved, pictures were taken, and bellies were full.

As I flip through the scrapbooks, the memories jump off the page! The kids were so little! The parents so young! The crafts and piñatas were budget friendly! Pinterest was just beginning to get started so most of these ideas were homegrown. When we started the annual family fiestas, the row of kids was much shorter than the backyard fence and the piñata bat seemed too big. Over the years, the fence seems to have shrunk! The kids got taller, the amount of food increased, and even more memories were made. 

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of summer than with a family fiesta. In fact, I’m texting those friends as I type, trying to organize one last backyard gathering before the fall schedule kicks into place. What about you? How will you wrap up the summer? Get out the calendar and grocery list now and commit to hosting an event! Maybe it will even become an annual family tradition. Post your ideas in the comments below. 

Table Talk: What’s your best memory of end of summer events? Who can you invite to a gathering this month?

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