Clean the Chaos: At Home decluttering workshop


Want a home that is calm, not cluttered? Clean the Chaos: At Home, 1 year decluttering workshop, with strategies and motivation to declutter your home.

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Join me this year to tackle the chaos at home in this decluttering workshop.

Do you long to walk into a home that is calm and peaceful not chaotic and cluttered? Have you attempted to organize but found other things that got in the way of your goals? Can you commit a few hours a week to declutter your home?

Clean the Chaos: At Home is a 12 month workshop delivered in 2 emails a month with printable checklists, tips and tools for sorting and storing, and maintenance plans according to how much time you can invest. The cost is only $45 for over $500 work of content and resources. You are paying less than $1 a week for a year of decluttering tips and motivational emails! 

Declutter your home with the room by room cleaning checklist

This workshop is not a decluttering method or minimalist approach, but rather a strategic room by room plan to tackle each space of your house. You have a unique style and definition of calm and clean. You have different functional needs than the people next door to you. Intentional decluttering will help you sort and store your things. You will smile more and sigh less in the calm and clean spaces you create over the next 12 months.

The 5 Step Master Strategy will be sent to your email upon purchase and you will be enrolled in the email course, which explains the details and puts the strategy into place. You will soon be walking through clean, calm rooms and opening closet doors without fear. Enroll now in the decluttering workshop and Clean the Chaos: At Home

Can you commit a few hours a week to declutter? Join me this year to tackle the chaos at home. 

Sign up for this email decluttering workshop now, delivered in 2 emails a month on Thursdays for one year.

What can you expect from this workshop?

✔️1 master strategy that works in every space

✔️ 12 printable task checklists expounding on the strategy for unique spaces in your home

✔️ 2 emails per month

✔️ Curated content empowering and motivating you to Clean the Chaos in your home, room by room, in one year

✔️ Tips and tools for sorting, storing, and microtasking

🌟 Bonus: maintenance tips

Cost: $45 for over $500 worth of content and resources. That’s paying less than $1 a week for a year of decluttering workshop tips and motivational emails!

Tip: Get your friends to also sign up. It’s so much more motivational with friends!


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